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"Catching Z's"

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"Felicity Floss Goes to the Zoo"

Written by Katie Newell
Illustrated by Rob Barnett

Stories Copyright© Katie Newell 2002

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Catching Z's

All too soon the sun had set
The moon rose up instead.
It shone upon a small blue house…
Where it was time for bed.

Out of his room Little Lenny flew,
He headed for the door.
He cried, " I'm not ready for bed just yet!
I want to play some more!"

Willy Wisdom carried him back upstairs
And tucked him into bed.
"I am not tired. I will not sleep.
I want to play," Lenny said.

"Now, now, my precious child.
It is time to catch some Z's!"
Willy Wisdom smiled at little friend.
"Go to bed now, Lenny, please!"

Lenny yawned and rubbed his eyes,
And whispered, "Okay, Goodnight."
And in the darkness he could see,
A small green dancing light!.

It zipped and zoomed and circled
Around Lenny's little head.
It landed right upon his nose.
He sat straight up in bed.

"Why you're a Z, that's what you are!"
The Z went ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!
And Little Lenny chased that Z!
All around his room!

Then one Z became two Z's
Then two Z's became four!
And suddenly there were many Z's!
Hundreds of them, maybe more!
A line of Z's stood on his pillow.
"This is my last chance," Lenny said.
He stretched his arm, jumped in the air,
And landed snugly in his bed.

Can you guess what happened next?
Think hard now if you please.
You're right because Little Lenny.
Had finally caught……Some Z's!

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Felicity Floss Goes to the Zoo

Felicity Floss and the Zoo Keeper Lou,
Had a dilemma, and weren't sure what to do.
You see someone had bad breath, there at the zoo.
Someone had bad breath and they didn't know who.

But the smell was quiet real, one couldn't deny.
And to find this bad odor, they really must try.

So they started one morning just after dawn.
And started with the duckies out on the lawn.
Felicity peeked in as the ducks opened wide.
"The smell is not here, Lou!" Felicity cried.

Lou had been checking out the monkeys meanwhile.
"Okay, Guys, let's see it. Give me a smile!"
The monkeys complied, just as they should.
But Lou determined their breath smelled quite good.

Onto the penguins who couldn't help but laugh,
Then next was a baby and mother giraffe.
"Open wide, please!" Lou said to a grumpy polar bear.
Then next came a hippo and an elephant pair.
Apparently their brushing had really been quite good.
And all the zoo animals were smelling like they should.

But finally Felicity checked out the tired lion.
"It's my bad breath, isn't it! You know I'm really trying?"
It's just that something in my tooth has been stuck!
I 've tried to get it out, but I haven't had any luck!
Felicity pulled out dental floss and gave it to her friend.
"Floss gently just like this, holding onto each end."
The food that was stuck in his teeth had been freed.
"Brushing twice a day isn't all that you need!
You must floss your teeth at least once a day
To make food between your teeth go away!"

Felicity gave a demonstration to the whole zoo.
And before very long they all knew what to do.
Bedtime at the zoo was never more of a delight.
They brushed, they flossed, they said "Goodnight."

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