The Smilestones
The Slumber Party

Written by Katie Newell
Illustrated by Rob Barnett

Stories Copyright© Katie Newell 2002

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"Lenny And The Last Loose Tooth"

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"The Slumber Party"

Lenny And The Last Loose Tooth

This is the story of a sad little tooth,
And what I will tell you is the whole truth.
Lenny was sad, , so sad he could cry.
And none of his friends could figure out why.

But Lenny was sad because his teeth
were all there. No wiggly teeth!
It just wasn't fair!
All of his friends would sit around and jiggle.
The teeth in their mouth that could
wiggle and wiggle.

Some of his friends had lost three or even
four. And as hard as he tried he just could
not ignore. That none of his teeth were
wiggly at all. And the whole thing made him feel very small.

"Why am I always the last one?" Lenny
cried. Then he stomped his feet and ran
outside. He sat on the ground in a puddle of
tears. It was the saddest he'd been in all of his years.

That's when it happened, the sky grew gray.
And the wind began to blow, and the trees
to sway. Then a puff of pink smoke swirled
in the air. And he saw the most
beautiful fairy there.

"Why you're the Tooth Fairy,"
Lenny exclaimed.
"On a very rare visit!" The Tooth Fairy
explained. "Your tears, Dear Lenny, were
more than I could take. So this very rare
visit I decided to make."

Lenny explained that he was really quite
sad. Because he hadn't lost teeth like the
others had. It made him feel small, like he
didn't belong. And he told her his mouth was
doing something wrong!

The tooth Fairy smiled and revealed a magic
box. It was gold with bright rubies, and had
special locks. "This box hold the greatest
treasures in the land." But Lenny was still sad
and didn't understand.

"Inside my box are the things most dear:
The last leaf to fall when winter is near. The
last color of the sunrise when it becomes
light. The last song to be sung by a child at
night. The last moonbeam to come down
from the sky. The last scent of summer
as autumn rolls by.

"And your tooth, Dear Lenny," the
Fairy cried, "Will go in this box with
the treasures inside."

No longer did he want to be like the rest.
For he realized being last can sometimes be
best. He waved to the Tooth Fairy and gave
her a smile. And was glad that his teeth
would be staying a while.
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The Slumber Party

One Little Smilestone jumping on the bed,
"We're having a slumber party!" Linda Lateral said.
"We're eating lots of yummy treats as you can see!"
We're having so much fun….my friends and me!"

But something lurks beneath the bed in the dark!
(Oh my Goodness, could it be, the Bad Plaque Shark?)

Two Little Smilestones jumping on the bed.
"We're having a slumber party!" Felicity Floss said.
We're wearing our pajamas and painting all our nails!
And we've giving everyone of us ponytails!"

But something lurks beneath the bed in the dark!
(Oh my goodness, could it be the Bad Plaque Shark?)

Three little Smilestones jumping on the bed.
"We're having a slumber party," Freda Front said.
"We're singing silly songs and having pillow fights!
Quiet now everyone I'm turning off the lights!"

But something lurks beneath the bed in the dark!
(Oh, my goodness, could it be the Bad Plaque Shark?)

Four Little Smilestones jumping on the bed.
"We're having a slumber party," Margaret Molar said.
"We're telling scary stories and making shadows on the wall!"
"But what is that noise I hear coming down the hall?"

Tap, Tap, Tap! Knock, Knock, Knock!
"Go to bed girls, it's almost ten o'clock!
Time your brush those teeth now, if you please!
You really want to avoid getting cavities!"
Willy Wisdom handed out toothbrushes to each one.
"Slumber parties really can be so much fun!"
When they finished brushing, the Smilestones cheered!
For the Plaque Shark beneath the bed had disappeared!


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