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History of The Smilestones

Smilestone Island is a magic place south of the North Pole and north of the South Pole, in the middle of time. The Tooth Fairy is the retired Queen of Smilestone Island and lives in a golden castle just outside of the village. They have lots of fun and adventures on their island and in other places when they float close to another country. They live in a village on the edge of the island, close to the beach and some beautiful rainforest. But the island isn't all beach. It has high mountains that have snow on them, which makes for great skiing, tobogganing and snow boarding. The island also has schools, a toothpaste factory - and a funpark with exciting rides.

Of course it's not only humans who lose their baby teeth - animals do too, so, in the centre of the island there is a natural wilderness where all sorts of animals live, including koalas, pandas, possums, chimpanzees and even a unicorn or two. The Smilestones leave the animals to themselves, unless they need help of some kind. The sun shines every day on Smilestone Island and it is never cold, unless you go into the mountains for the snow. It rains too, but that is usually at night when everyone is fast asleep. It is a great place to live and everyone is happy, except when trouble comes from the Deep Dark Swamp where evil lurks.

Let's visit the island and get to know some of the Smilestones, after all you are going to be seeing a lot more of them. This is the Tooth Fairy's castle, where she keeps all the coins and takes the baby teeth when they first fall from a child's mouth. Actually the Queen has retired and Angus McCavity has been given the job. He always complains, but everyone knows that secretly he loves his job because it makes so many children happy.

This is where the Molar family lives. They are a fun family, with Mack who is into video games and Molly, who is pretty smart, knows all about computers and loves to ride horses. Margaret is the sporty one and can often be found skiing in the mountains and Michael is really cool. He plays guitar - and saxophone, and is always on the lookout for someone to form a hit band.

Frank Front and Willy Wisdom live in a room near the school. Frank loves to work out in the gym and Willie is always reading and learning stuff. Frank calls him a brainiac. Freda's Frank's sister and wants to be a dentist when she grows up, but she has a lot to learn yet. Danny Decay is another one of the gang and he is usually in trouble. You see, he cant keep away from candy and you know what they can do to teeth.

Whenever anyone is in danger, they call on Linda Lateral and her martial arts skills. She's a karate black belt. Lenny Lateral is the youngest Smilestone and Linda's little brother. He's not very brave. Kenny Canine is a real action man, he loves sports. He often goes skiing with Margaret Molar, but is just as happy on a skateboard, roller blades or a surf board. He's the island surfing champ. Kelly is Kenny's brother. She hates sports but she does know everything about the Top Twenty charts. She'd rather listen to CDs than surf and likes to shop until she drops. She actually has a black belt in shopping. They are the guys you'll be meeting most.

There are other Smilestones of course, but they all have things to do, places to go, people to see, so they are very busy. Maybe they'll pay a visit sometime though. What's this? Uh Oh, it's the nasties from the Deep Dark Swamp. That's the Plaque Shark, who is always planning to do bad things to the Smilestones, and his henchman Tommy and Tania Tartar, who are really wicked. That's Nasher the Swamp Dog. He belongs to the Plaque Shark and he is meaner than junkyard dog and smells worse too.

This is Smilestone Fun Park. Great isn't it? Smilestone Island is just bursting with excitement, life is great and everyone is always smiling on Smilestone Island. Now, what are those swampies up to? No good I'll bet. Tune in next time to find out, same time, same dentist. Happy brushing.

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